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9 tips for streak-free window cleaning

Grandmothers' tips for cleaning windows without a trace

How to clean the windows without leaving traces? To gain brightness in your home, it is important to have clean windows. Although they are very pleasant, the pleasure of large windows is spoiled when you have to work on cleaning them all. Here, the biggest difficulty is to clean the windows without leaving a trace s. Fortunately, there are natural products that can work wonders. Discover the tips of grandmothers to clean the windows without leaving traces and let the light in.

Household vinegar against traces on the windows

Household vinegar is a natural and ecological product that allows you to wash the windows without leaving traces, even in the sun. Thanks to its high concentration of acetic acid, it cleans effortlessly and without scratching.

  • Use the household vinegar window spray and spray the glass surfaces to be cleaned (windows, bay windows, shower windows, car windows).
  • Clean with a sponge or a microfiber cloth.
  • It is not necessary to rinse, just pass a dry microfiber and voila.

Newspaper for impeccable windows

Very economical, newspaper makes it possible to clean and shine the windows of the whole house, and this on both sides and at a lower cost. After slightly wetting your windows, wipe them with your old newspapers. In addition to absorbing liquids, the newspaper restores shine to your windows thanks to the lead contained in the inks.

Washing the windows with the baking soda

Baking soda is a very effective natural product to restore shine to very dirty windows. For people living by the sea, baking soda is a real godsend since it dislodges everything that the spray deposits on the windows.

Also effective on greasy windows, bicarbonate removes embedded dirt without scratching the windows.

  • Dilute 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a liter of hot water.
  • Using a microfiber cloth soaked in this mixture, clean the windows, bay windows, windshields.
  • Use a squeegee to limit the traces and wipe with a dry cloth. Your windows will be clean and neat.

Lemon juice to wash the windows without leaving traces

To clean your windows naturally, there is nothing like lemon juice. Degreasing and sanitizing, lemon makes it possible to have impeccable and streak-free windows. To take advantage of its properties, it is enough to dilute lemon juice in 50 ml of hot water. Use this solution to clean the windows and wipe with a dry cloth. The result is amazing.

Clean the windows with black soap

Black soap with olive oil is a natural product that allows you to wash the windows and remove all the residues that have settled there such as fly droppings.

  • In 2 liters of water, add a tablespoon of soft black soap with olive oil.
  • Stir and use a sponge to clean the windows.
  • Use a squeegee to save time and complete the cleaning with a dry cloth.

The dishwashing product

It is always at hand and is very useful for cleaning the windows without leaving traces. Dilute a little ecological dishwashing product in a bucket of hot water. If you wish, you can use demineralized water instead of tap water. Proceed as usual by washing your tiles with a sponge and wiping them with a microfiber.

Clean greasy windows with an onion

The windows of the kitchen can sometimes be coated with a film of grease which makes their cleaning tedious and leaves unsightly traces. Here again our grandmothers surprise us; they used an onion cut in half that they rubbed on the glass. The onion is indeed very useful for cleaning greasy windows.

After rubbing the onion on the greasy panes, you just need to use your usual product and voila. The light enters your kitchen again and without unmasking the traces.

The Boston soap

To restore the shine to your windows and clean them naturally, dilute half a glass of Boston soap shavings in 50 cl of water. Use this mixture to clean your windows. Use a squeegee to remove the excess products and polish with a microfiber.

The right accessories for cleaning windows

How to clean the windows like a pro? This goes above all through the accessories. Regardless of the natural product you use, it is important to equip yourself well according to the area of the windows to be cleaned. A mirror is simple and quick to wash while a bay window or a veranda requires equipment that will save you time.

Which cloth to use to clean the windows? Granny recommends that you use microfiber cloths, very absorbent, or a chamois skin in order to perfect the cleaning and avoid traces.

For cleaning large bay windows and verandas, the most effective is to use a squeegee so as not to leave any traces.

Use these tips to clean your light bulbs, you will gain brightness when the days get shorter.

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